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Corporate Profile

We are a contractor and rental service for heavy equipment
It is established under company name "PT. Paramarta Utama."

It is fully registered in Palembang and has obtained all necessary evidence of qualification from Government Department authorized and legal institutions, and the Pertamina State Industrial Department of Oil and Gas Mining Resources.

Our Clients
We have excellent track report and more than 25 years of experiences on the field, supported big clients such as Pertamina since 1992, please click here to learn more

Our Fleets
We provide wide range of heavy equipments for various task
Transport, forwading & de(mobilize) cargo and heavy equipment
Moving and relocating a construction equipments up to 1800 tones (240.000lbs)

Land clearing and site preparation
Before start drilling and exploration, cleaning and site preparation need to be done to build houses for staff or parking area for vehicles and equipments as well as road access. We understand the demand and had long-standing experiences at land clearing and site preparation.

Access road performance and road building & construction
This practice provides for the delivery and removal of construction equipment and materials in a manner which will protect vegetative cover, prevent erosion, and protect water quality. Access roads should be used on all construction sites and in forestry and mining to allow the mud on tires to fall off onto the access road before vehicles enter the main (primary road).

Vehicle rental
We provide a wide range of midland vehicle as well as large range of trucks, SUV and mini bus for our clients to rent to access site location.